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Do screen protectors affect touch sensitivity?

Some screen protectors may affect the touch sensitivity. Thus, it is suggested that you buy quality screen guards. Using quality screen guards will not affect touch sensitivity at all.

Are screen protectors necessary?

Yes, they are important for your device. Screen guards act as a shield against scratches and give you a great experience for using the devices.

How to remove screen protectors?

When it comes to screen protectors removal-  it is one of the simplest methods. All you have to do is to pull the screen protector at one corner and peel the sides. That’s it!

Can I apply a screen protector at home?

Yes, you can apply a screen protector at home. It is quite straightforward. If you made a mistake while applying it, you can reapply it only if it is still moist. Just ensure that it does not stick together.

How can I clean my screen protector?

You can easily clean your screen protector at home. Just wipe it with a wet cloth. It will remove the fingerprints and give you a shiny screen. Try it.